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Since 1999 I’ve been a working voice over actor as the ‘Voice of Tellme’ where I’ve been lucky to work with many Tech and Fortune 100 & 500 Companies. You may have heard my voice calling American Express, Verizon, AT&T’s 4-1-1, UPS, Fidelity, American Express, in cars, and I don’t even know where else.

As a technologist and Ph.D. candidate in communication, I research Entertainment-Education in emerging technologies.

As a musician and songwriter my music is on iTunes, Spotify, iHeart Radio, and many other digitals. My tunes are published through my production company, Pip Projects, Inc.

Forever grateful for your follows, subscriptions, listens, views, and support as we move into the future and to the stars.

xo, Darby



2019 - Present - Ph.D. Candidate, Communication, Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA


  • Instructional and design approaches for short form and asynchronous instructional content (short form video, social media, AR/VR, web3, metaverse);
  • Transmedia and multimedia program design using advanced technologies (speech assistants, AR/VR);
  • Qualitative and quantitative applied research in media systems;
  • Nature and wild spaces as technological communication platforms;
  • Mass media and persuasion methods and the role of celebrity influence;
  • Film rhetoric.

2019: MBA-IT, Western Governor’s University, sub-focus in marketing and operations.

2019: Graduate Certificate Information Systems, David Eccles School of Business, University of Utah, sub-focus in marketing, cloud computing and systems security/privacy.

2009: BA, Creative Writing, Antioch University Los Angeles, sub-focus in urban ecology and fire/wildlife management.


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