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Heard by millions of people every day, and over a billion times worldwide as the voice of ATT 411, American Express, Fidelity, UPS, and others ...



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Award winning music that has been heard in films and television including on E!, the Oxygen Network and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon ...



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Darby's writing portfolio is being reorganized. Small business, authenticity, travel and branding articles, along with a book and podcast about neurodiversity in the workplace are coming soon.


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Heard by tens of millions of people every day, Darby gained notice in voiceover through her work with Silicon Valley company, Tellme Networks, where she helped pioneer computerized voice systems (a precursor to systems like Siri, Alexa and Hey Google). She continues to voice the internet of things, national television campaigns and programs, radio spots and video games. She has recorded millions of audio files for companies like AT&T, American Express, Delta Airlines, Disney, Fidelity Investments, Hartford Life, UPS and many others.

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Darby’s music has been heard in video game and film projects in the U.S. and internationally, on E!, Oxygen Network and NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Darby performs live during the Summer Festival Season, and is available for private songwriting consultations and event performances.



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Darby Bailey has been a professional Voice Artist since 1999. She can be heard every day on various phone and 'internet of things' IoT devices. She has recorded over a million audio files and counting.

Darby can be heard by calling American Express Customer Service at 1 (800) 528-4800, UPS at 1 (800) 742-5877, Fidelity Investments at 1 (800) 343-3548 and by dialing #411 from any AT&T mobile phone. She is also heard in hundreds of other telephone and automation systems worldwide, and inside Ford Cars within Microsoft's Ford Sync.

For a history of Darby's voiceover story, click here.


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  • Inquiries can be directed to the agencies below:

  • Utah:
  • McCarty Agency
  • (801) 581-9292

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  • Tom Lawless at VOX Agency
  • 323.655.8699